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Newsletters help your company share news, special offers and upcoming events so that you stay connected with your customers. Having a high quality newsletter is essential to achieving this goal. The UPS Store provides high quality printing with many print options in order to deliver exactly what you need when you need it.

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Connected Newsletter Printing

What communication piece or simple marketing tool is often overlooked and undervalued in an organization? Answer: the Newsletter. The newsletter is that simple weekly or monthly publication which can be printed then dropped off at your customer’s place of business, mailed to your key contact, emailed to an individual or group, or put in your blog post. This simple newsletter has many uses as well as many outlets that enable you to be plugged in with your subscribers.

Today, the pace of change and the amount of information we are asked to absorb is astounding. We see change everywhere. We see it in our church newsletter, school newsletter, and financial newsletters as we go through our daily routine. So, no matter what line of business you are involved with, keeping parishioners, parents and customers informed of upcoming events, community news and even special offers - the newsletter is a perfect vehicle for keeping people connected to your company. Printing your newsletters with The UPS Store is the convenient place and cost effective way to print your newsletters. We help you stay connected!